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"There aren't enough words to express my gratitude for being so supportive of me & helping me meet one of my goals so soon already! It's such an awesome feeling and it hasn't even been a month yet!  The support system you give and swear by is so incredible! I can't wait to reap the benefits of the future!" - April K.
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Being Confident And Gracious is the ultimate self-help workbook for women who are eager to live healthy interdependent lives.
What This Book Will Teach You
How to understand where you are at, how to tap into your inner guru to live your best life, and how to become unstoppable through having the ultimate healthy relationship with yourself.

You will find yourself dancing through life with confidence, ease, and grace. 
The Four Most Important Tips:
  • Allison dishes out high doses of truth, simple legitimate exercises and journal prompt's, wise guidance with sporadic swearing that gives you the opportunity to make massive shifts to have all your thirsty heart's desires. 
  • Let go of the limiting beliefs, prior conditioning, and self-sabotaging behaviors that are holding you back NOW.
  • Embrace dancing through life with others from the healthiest and balanced space of interdependence. 
  • Provides you the opportunity to re-claim your natural high-value state of being and your radiant self that will make you magnetic for getting what you want in life within 21 days.
Allison Plegge is the founder of The Inside Out Lifestyle™ and The Fully Exxposed™ Movement.
About The Author
Allison Plegge
Allison Plegge, the potently energetic liberator, is a mindset and lifestyle coach for spiritual women, a certified health coach, rare powerhouse, and creator of the revolutionizing woo-woo meets practical personal development brand, The Inside Out Lifestyle™. 
Allison is on a mission to help women all over the world transform their personal and professional lives by using her Inside Out Lifesyle™ Signature process.  She empowers them to take back their mind, body, and soul via her creative products, books, VIP private coaching and speaking engagements to live their best life unapologetically. 
Based on her own transformation, from a depressed burned out twenty-something going through a deep spiritual awakening to embracing her big heart and massive courage rising like a phoenix from the ashes, she lives to the beat of her own drum. 

The Fully Exxposed™ Movement was born from her wild passion and love for all humans that is deeper than the ocean from invaluable life experience(s). Her work is infused with these healing energies and it fuels her commitment to help you get yours. She is a freedom-loving entrepreneur serving women from her laptop wherever she happens to be in the world. With her spontaneous nature, you never know what you will get next.
You can connect and find out more about Allison online at
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